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One Garment... hundreds of outfits!

These instructions will help you to create different outfits with your silk sari skirt. Don't be shy; play with your sari skirt. You'll be surprised at what you can create!

How to Care for Your Silk Garment

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How To Wear Your Skirt

Enjoy our short video clips that demonstrate some of the ways you can wrap your sari skirt. In addition, you can follow the illustrations below. Enjoy!

SARI SKIRT TIED AS A TOP. First is the popular "Johanna" style (sari skirt tied as a top), which features JOHANNA, the creator of the wrap style.

SARI SKIRT TIED INTO HALTER DRESS AND OVER THE SHOULDER DRESS. This video shows ALLISON demonstrating the halter dress and Greek goddess dress styles.

SARI LAYERS: Change the line of the wrap skirt by lifting the layers and tucking. This creates a slimmer line and is reminiscent of the traditional sari look.

Sari Wrap Skirt Strapless Top Style


Tying Instructions to Create Shirts and Dresses

how to wrap skirts

how to wrap skirts


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