EcoQuette Silk Sari Skirts

30%-50% Off Long Length Skirts
(excluding Premier & Goddess Collections)

Short and midi skirts are 25% off. Premier & Goddess collections 25% off!

EcoQuette presents a line of eco-friendly fashion, specializing in a beautiful collection of vintage/recycled  sari reversible silk wrap skirts available in several lengths, including a nice selection of plus size silk wrap skirts.

The reversible skirts are available in short, midi, and long lengths, and can be worn as skirts, tops, or dresses simply by reversing them or arranging their fabric layers. Enjoy and have fun – you’ll feel beautiful and as proud as a peacock in these eco-friendly garments!

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Each EcoQuette sari silk wrap skirt is unique because it is fabricated from recycled vintage silk saris from India, designed with two layers of gorgeous, colorful silk. We select only the highest quality skirts, most of which are made from pure silk vintage sari material.